Kathy Wang

Kathy Wang (Twitter: @wangkathy) is an internationally-recognized malware expert, who has researched, developed, evaluated, and operationalized various solutions for detecting and preventing client-side attacks used by advanced persistent threats (APT), as they target common platforms (e.g., browser, email, mobile phones). Prior to Splunk, Kathy has held past positions such as Director of Research and Development at ManTech International, and Principal Investigator of the Honeyclient Project at The MITRE Corporation, during which she pioneered a prototype that became the basis of current cutting-edge zero-day malware detection technologies. Kathy has spoken at many security conferences and panels internationally, including RSA, DEF CON, AusCERT, and REcon. She has co-authored a book, Beautiful Security, and holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.