Art into Science - 2020

A Conference for Defense

A Working Conference


ACoD is a working conference

In the “Glorify the defense” (operations) track we will have talks of interest on various investigations and case studies on the one hands, and tools and ideas used to defend our environments on the other.

The “Push the art into a science” (philosophy) track will be dedicated to working tracks, where the members introduce their own concepts, and then discuss specifics. Most importantly, finish the day with a summary that can be used to push our field into the future.

We want to get more out of ACoD:
Often, the best value we as attendees get out of a conference is personal relationships that form. We’d like to do our generate more of this value.

Some of us are introverts, some are shy. Regardless, it is hard to meet too many people in conferences, and see how we can help each other. We will work to address this by building more discussion into the agenda, such as networking opportunities, small working groups, and other similar ideas, into the DNA of how the conference will run.