Example Topics of Interest for Submission

We invite you to participate in Art into Science and submit a talk to one of the two conference tracks.

Operations Track:

We’d like to put defense on a pedestal and take in talks that interest us – operational talks on defense. As a field, we need practitioners to offer implementable ideas and or reference implementations to reduce the amount of work that someone has to do to implement what they learn.

Topics of interest include:

  • Threat Intelligence
  • Attack Profiles
  • Detection Systems
  • Case Studies, Tools, and Techniques
  • Insider Threat
  • User Behavior Analytics
  • Fraud Mitigation
  • Operationalizing Security
  • Metrics
  • Scalable Security Engineering
  • Security Response
  • SDL

Audience: Please think of the audience as your peers, experts in their field, who have been punching miscreants and building defense systems for at least 15 years. We are looking to see what you do, how you do it, and how others can replicate or further advance your efforts. While new material is preferred, we are very happy to see your implementation, research, investigations, and use cases, even if others have done it before, just please do not give an introductory talk.

Philosophical/Art into Science Track:

The Philosophy Track for Art Into Science is unlike most other conferences in that there is a high degree of interaction expected among speakers and attendees. In fact, one of the expected outputs are documents with authorship credit that include attendees that contributed during the conference.

To this end, the CFP for the Philosophy Track encourages submitters to consider the following to increase your chances of getting your submission accepted:

  1. Build upon other talks given in previous years
  2. Create space/opportunities for attendees to contribute to your topic
  3. Orient towards a “Guide-on-the-Side” style talk over “Sage-on-the-Stage”

You can review some of the past talks and topics on our YouTube channel.

This track will run the full duration of the convention, from Jan. 14th to 16th. This track will dismiss at 12:00 PM the 16th.

Speakers: Speakers are strongly encouraged to stay through the week to facilitate discussions on their topic.

Audience: Please think of yourselves as contributors having something to offer but needing a venue and structure to facilitate your ability to express your thoughts and experience. The speakers aren’t the only ones with content. We are looking for your thinking on how we can build what we already know into a discipline or to learn of something new which we haven’t heard before.

Previous documents that were created by attendees include the following:

Talk and Discussion Guidelines

Discussion needs to be of a nature that:

  • Identifies first principles.
  • Models the results.

But most importantly:

  • Makes sure the resulting models are useful and usable.

Some things to avoid:

  • Stays away from statements such as “we should all use Linux” or “this wouldn’t happen if people patched their systems.”
  • Mentions of Sun Tzu are not allowed in lectures, unless they are new, previously unseen 0day quotes.
  • Purely academic topics such as: “5% faster crypto!”

Other More Mundane Topics of Interest for the Philosophy Track

  • How do you hire and keep your security professionals?
  • Internal tool building. Build vs Buy. When to choose which, and why?
  • The geopolitics and legal implications of security.
  • Getting executive attention: Unlocking budget and success metrics.
  • Efficacy evaluation.


Here are some of the convention logistics for giving a talk:

  • Talks can be scheduled for either a 20 or 40 minute block. This will be specified in the CFP submission form. When selecting a 40 minute talk in the form, please elaborate further as to why your talk will benefit from being 40 minutes long, as opposed to 20 minutes long.

Classic Talks

ACoD will invite select speakers who, in our opinion, gave talks or wrote papers that defined our field, so that we can learn from their experience, as well as record them for posterity. Please submit ideas for who to invite, with contact details, if you have them, to: contact@artintoscience.com.


We especially encourage women and members of other diverse groups to submit a talk and attend the conference.


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