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The CFP is now closed. If you missed the deadline and would still like to submit a talk, please email


Art Into Science talk tracks are:

  1. Operations
  2. Philosophical/Art Into Science

For operations, our audience is seasoned defense practitioners. We invite you to share your unique experience, strategies, and insights. While we encourage fresh content, we value proven methods and use-cases. We are looking for talks that are actionable and can be implemented by our audience.

For the philosophical track, we invite you to share your thoughts, experiences, and propose new ideas for building our discipline. This track is unlike most other conferences in that there is a high degree of interaction expected among speakers and attendees. In fact, one of the expected outputs are documents with authorship credit that include attendees that contributed during the conference.

You can review some of the past talks and topics on our YouTube channel.

Some things to avoid:

  • Stays away from statements such as “we should all use Linux” or “this wouldn’t happen if people patched their systems.”
  • Mentions of Sun Tzu are not allowed in lectures, unless they are new, previously unseen 0day quotes.
  • Purely academic topics such as: “5% faster crypto!” 1

Talk Format

Talks are 20 or 40 minutes. If requesting 40 minutes in the form, please explain why this topic can’t fit in 20 minutes. Remember the audience: there’s no need to start with the basics.

Classic Talks

ACoD will invite select speakers who, in our opinion, gave talks or wrote papers that defined our field, so that we can learn from their experience, as well as record them for posterity. Please submit ideas for who to invite, with contact details, if you have them, to:


ACoD strongly believes in the power of diversity and inclusion within security. We actively encourage and warmly welcome submissions from individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.

We are eager to hear from diverse voices and we sincerely hope to see these groups well-represented in our submissions.

Suggested Topics


We welcome practical defense-related topics. Offer implementable ideas, case studies, or reference implementations.

Topics can range from security operations, automation, research on threat actors, fraud, software development, incident response, detection engineering and much more.

Philosophical/Art Into Science

The CFP for the Philosophy Track encourages submitters to consider the following to increase your chances of getting your submission accepted:

  • Build upon other talks given in previous years.
  • Create space/opportunities for attendees to contribute to your topic. All attendees are potential contributors.
  • Orient towards a “Guide-on-the-Side” style talk over “Sage-on-the-Stage”.
  • Identify first principles.
  • Model the results, and ensure the resulting models are useful.

Other More Mundane Topics of Interest for the Philosophy Track

  • How do you hire and keep your security professionals?
  • Internal tool building. Build vs Buy. When to choose which, and why?
  • The geopolitics and legal implications of security.
  • Getting executive attention: Unlocking budget and success metrics.
  • Efficacy evaluation.

This track runs the full duration of the convention to facilitate topic discussion.

Previous documents that were created by attendees include the following:

  1. Unless it’s 10% faster crypto. That’s cool. And crypto means cryptography. ↩︎