October 25-26, 2023 at Appian HQ in the Washington, DC area.\

October 25, 2023Operations and Philosophy
October 26, 2023Operations and Philosophy

Philosophy Track

October 25SpeakerTopic
8:00-9:00Registration, Coffee
09:00-09:30Conference Kickoff
09:30-10:00Sounil YuAnticipating the Next Stages of the AI Revolution (Joint Session)
10:00-10:05Transition from Auditorium to Conference Rooms
10:05-10:15Sounil YuDay 1 Welcome and Overview of the Philosophy Track
10:15-10:55Ross HaleliukMotivation & incentive systems that shape the dynamics of the cybersecurity industry for security practitioners and future founders
10:55-11:35Nick ChalardLess is Not More: Sharing Richer Indicators
11:35-12:15Ariel RobinsonIt’s the Economy, Stupid: Tackling Technical Debt in Times of Economic Uncertainty
13:00-13:45Yael NaglerMaturing your security program means leveling up, personally
13:45-14:30Sounil YuA machine quantifiable approach to risk quantification
14:30-15:15Jerry PerulloBreaking down the wall between art and science; artists can type fast too
15:30-16:15Other / Sounil YuLightning Talks / Measuring Privilege
16:15-16:45Sounil YuRecap / Discussion
October 26SpeakerTopic
09:15-09:30Sounil YuDay 2: Welcome and Day 1 Recap
09:30-10:00Sounil YuExploring the role and the limits of AI in cybersecurity through the lens of the Cyber Defense Matrix
10:00-10:40David ShinbergApplying Physical Discipline to Cybersecurity Challenges
10:55-11:35Donald McCarthyCheap Parking and Express Lanes Through Your Proxy Filters
11:35-12:15Claude MandyThe year of RADICAL data breach transparency
13:00-13:45Ian Campbell, Travis HallOut Of Time: Neurodivergent Success in Security as a Framework
13:45-14:30Zeal SomaniControls Reliability Engineering
14:30-15:15Chris CooleyDiscover Your Cyber Superpowers
15:30-16:15Larry GreenblattAsk Not Will AGI Be Aligned With Our Values, Ask Are My Values Consistent With Big Data.
16:15-16:45Sounil YuRecap / Discussion

Operations Track

October 25SpeakerTopic
8:00-9:00Registration, Coffee
09:00-09:30Conference Kickoff
09:30-10:00Sounil YuAnticipating the Next Stages of the AI Revolution (Joint Session)
10:00-10:45John AlthouseJA4+ Network Fingerprinting
11:05-11:30Jimmy BlakeneyI Don’t Know You! - One Way of Verifying Contacts
11:30-12:15Sasha LevyEasy Mode Deception Technology Deployments @ Scale
13:15-14:00Justin BorlandSigma and MISP visualization for the masses
14:00-14:30Armen MartirosyanAre You Committed to Secret Free Version Control?
14:30-15:15Ian Campbell, Travis Hall, Daniel SchwalbeKeeping Exchange Blue with a Walled Garden
15:35-16:15Christine LeThreat Detection Engineering Metrics
16:15-16:45Jordan AndersonGet MADD, Not Glad: Metrics for ATT&CK-driven detection
October 26SpeakerTopic
09:15-10:00Kymberlee PriceDevSecOps is Dead, Long Live DevSecOps
10:00-10:45Jason CraigLAPSUS$* is better than us
11:05-11:45Arpan Abani SarkarGetting MAAD-AF to Attack Microsoft 365 & Azure AD
11:45-12:15David HuntThe upside-down of ATT&CK coverage
13:15-13:45James Jin ParkCybersecurity Law Demystified
13:45-14:15Derek ChamorroThreat Actor: Scattered Spider
14:15-14:45Darien HirotsuDealing with Kubernetes Identity Crisises!
14:45-15:15Taiga Walker, Venkat IyerDeception and Connection: How we Fooled a Scammer and Made a Friend
15:30-16:45Lightning Talks
16:45-Happy Hour


Appian HQ


7950 Jones Branch Dr, McLean, VA 22102
Garage parking available on-site at $10/day.
The Philosophy Track will be in the Conference Center on the Lobby floor.
The Operations Track will be in the Main Auditorium on the Lobby floor.


There is plenty of space and seating between these rooms, including a Cafe & Bar, for the traditional ACoD side discussions.



Within a 5 minute walk is the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner
Within a 15 minute walk is the Watermark Hotel
Beyond those there are plenty of hotel options in the Tysons Area.